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KBW 2023: ZK Builder's Meetup

Hosted by Kroma & 3 others
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About Event

ZK Builder's Meetup

We are excited to meet builders, investors, and web3 enthusiasts during the Korea Blockchain Week 2023!

Join us in Seoul for afternoon coffee and sandwiches, at our ZK Builder's Meetup for an exclusive series of sessions about the current state & future of L2 and ZK.

🗺️Location: 126 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
📆Date: Sep 7th Thu 2-5PM UTC+9

What To Expect
🎤 Engage in deep, insightful keynote speeches with following Q&A sessions
🖥️ Dive into the latest L1 L2 projects leveraging ZKP
🤝 Network with diverse builders and investors
☕️ Afternoon coffee & sandwiches


  • Kroma

  • VivaLeva

  • Wemade

  • Zkrypto

  • Nethermind/Flashbots

  • Theori

  • Radius

  • Taiko

  • Marlin

  • Starknet Foundation

About Kroma

Kroma is an EVM equivalent rollup protocol designed to scale Ethereum. As an Optimistic Rollup with ZK fault proofs combining the bests from Optimistic and ZK Rollups, Kroma aims to deliver fast completion while maintaining EVM equivalence.

About VivaLeva

VivaLeva is a leveraged yield farming protocol deployed on zkSync Era, aiming to deliver superior returns to our users via leverage function. VivaLeva is a combined word of ‘Viva’ for ‘cheers’ and ‘Leva’, meaning ‘leverage’. Our protocol was named with the goal of allowing users to clearly experience the advantages of using leverage and efficiently managing assets. VivaLeva is also targeting to onboard tradFi users to our service by solving currently existing problems of crypto services and overcome the existing adoption barrier due to the perception that DeFi platforms are difficult to use. This would accordingly allow more users experience the utility of leverage trading.

*This event has a limit of 200 participants at once. We are sorry to say that we cannot invite everyone to the event due to the size of our event stage.