Cover Image for 【TEAMZ MeetUp】JAL/博報堂のKOKYO NFTとRWA/日本文化を体験
Cover Image for 【TEAMZ MeetUp】JAL/博報堂のKOKYO NFTとRWA/日本文化を体験
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【TEAMZ MeetUp】JAL/博報堂のKOKYO NFTとRWA/日本文化を体験

Hosted by Yuki wakiyama & 3 others
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TEAMZ WEB3 AI SUMMIT 2024のサイドイベントとして、JAL / 博報堂のKOKYO NFTメンバーとともに、スペシャルイベントを開催します!

・KOKYO NFTの優先購入権&割引権がほしい

KOKYO NFTの販売直前を記念し、日本酒や黒糖焼酎も無料でご提供します!ぜひ渋谷Centrumで特別な夜をお楽しみください!

主催: KOKYO NFTプロジェクト(JAL/博報堂)

参加料: 無料

日程: 3月23日(土)、18:30開場、19:00-21:30

場所: 渋谷Centrum


18:30 会場オープン

19:00-19:20 KOKYO NFT説明
・博報堂 岸井 弘一
・JAL 高橋 翔

19:20-19:50 パネルセッション「日本文化とweb3」
・Teamz CEO Tianyu Yang
・Astar Network 檜山 悠太朗
・博報堂 岸井 弘一
・日本航空 高橋 翔
・モデレーター beyondClub 脇山 雄気

19:50-20:00 KOKYO NFTのAL/WLが当たるミニゲーム
KOKYO NFTの優先購入権&割引であるAL(10% Off)、WL(5% Off)が当たるミニゲームを開催

20:00-21:30 ネットワーキング
KOKYO NFTの蔵元の日本酒や黒糖焼酎を片手にweb3やNFTと日本の魅力を語りましょう!

Event Overview

This event is a side event of the TEAMZ WEB3 / AI SUMMIT 2024, bringing together individuals interested in NFTs, RWAs, and Japanese culture.

Rediscover the allure of Japan's regions through KOKYO NFT, offered by Japan Airlines (JAL) and Hakuhodo, and experience the unique fusion of blockchain technology with traditional Japanese culture!

Celebrate the pre-sale of KOKYO NFT and enjoy a special evening at Shibuya Centrum, with Japanese sake from Uka and black sugar shochu from Nishihira Distillery in hand!

Organizers: KOKYO NFT (JAL, Hakuhodo)

Participation Fee: Free

Date: March 23rd (Saturday), Doors open at 6:30pm, Event from 7pm-9:30pm

Location: Shibuya Centrum


6:30pm Doors Open

7pm-7:20pm KOKYO NFT Introduction
・JAL Sho Takahashi
・Hakuhodo Koichi Kishii

7:20pm-7:50pm Panel Session "Japanese Companies, Japanese Culture, and Web3"
・Teamz CEO Tianyu Yang
・JAL Sho Takahashi
・Hakuhodo Koichi Kishii
・Astar Yutaro Hiyama
・Moderator: beyondClub Yuki Wakayama

7:50pm-8pm KOKYO NFT AL/WL Mini Game
Host a mini-game where you can win AL (10% Off) and WL (5% Off) priority purchase rights and discounts for KOKYO NFT

8pm-9:30pm Networking
Discuss Web3 and NFTs over Japanese sake from Uka and black sugar shochu from Nishihira Distillery!

Join us for this unique opportunity to delve into the intersection of technology and tradition, and to network with like-minded enthusiasts in the vibrant setting of Shibuya Centrum.

Japan, 〒150-0041 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jinnan, 1-chōme−23−10 4F MAGNET by SHIBUYA109
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