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The Digital Euro Landscape: A Status Update

Hosted by Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
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"Digital Euro" refers to various forms of money, depending on who is issuing it and in which context. Examples include rather unconventional setups such as the Euro-denominated stablecoin by Circle serving as a money API issued outside the eurozone, tokenized deposits for enhanced programmability, and the European Central Bank's (ECB) Digital Euro project exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) for retail and wholesale use. Even though they share the label "digital euro," they couldn’t differ more in their use cases, technical infrastructure, and legislative setups. In fact, as the smallest common denominator, they do not even share blockchain technology as their base infrastructure.

Our upcoming panel discussion delves into these topics about the future of the digital euro landscape, unraveling the key players in the domains of stablecoins, tokenized deposits, and status updates on the retail and wholesale versions of a CBDC by the ECB.

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the digital euro, elaborating on the following questions: 

  • How can the digital euro landscape be described? 

  • Which companies are most likely to drive the digital euro landscape?

  • Which developments can be expected in 2024 concerning the ECB’s digital euro and stablecoins?

  • What impact can MiCA have on stablecoins and e-money tokens in the EU?

During the immersive online panel, you can directly engage our speakers with your questions. We can't wait to have you join us for this upcoming event!

Our panelists:

Dr. Cyrus de la Rubia, Chief Economist, Hamburg Commercial Bank
Joachim Schwerin, DG GROW, European Commission
Matthias Hirtschulz, d-fine
Sarah Palurovic, Digital Euro Association (moderator)

Who should participate?

  • Employees and decision-makers from the financial sector interested in blockchain technology

  • Lawyers and consultants with a focus on capital market law and digitization

  • Investment funds, asset managers, and private investors interested in digital assets

  • Other groups of people with an interest in digital securities, capital markets, crypto assets, technology, and digitization