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Know Yourself: Or How to Make Better Decisions - Self-Care Circle

Hosted by Kim Gorchs
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Knowing ourselves - what does that even mean? As humans, we are constantly evolving, changing, we have experiences that open up new horizons, meet people that change what we once thought was true completely. Yet when it comes to making decisions in our lives we have to trust our gut. We have to evaluate our thoughts, make sure to understand if we don't want to do something simply because we don't want to or if we are deliberately keeping ourselves small. In this self-care circle, we are diving deep into our souls and heart, we explore how we have made decisions in the past and how we want to make them in the future! Because living our BEST life requires us to make decisions that are in line with that vision. Let's go on the deep-dive together :)

​This self-care circle is for business owners to come together. We will ease in with an Instinctive Meditation practice, then take time to journal with prompts relating to the topic. There will be time to share (totally optional) and then we will integrate the practice with an easeful movement session. Bring a yoga mat, a journal, and an open heart.