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By Session 4, you'll have wrapped up the fielding of your project, so it's time to dive into analysis and reporting! I'll share examples of some real UXR portfolios and talk briefly about level of detail, storytelling, and presentation resources before opening up the discussion to hear some of your project insights and answer questions.

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Full Series Description:
Transitioning to User Experience (UX) Research from an academic context?  Confused about how to develop case studies for your research portfolio?  Join a small community of research peers for initial Q&A intro sessions where we will discuss all things related to research portfolios!  We expect the Q&A sessions to ladder up into a series of portfolio workshops in early 2023, structured according to attendees' greatest needs. The current expectation is to guide attendees of this series to 1) find their own potential stakeholders and project ideas by the end of 2022, 2) conduct the research and assemble a case study in January-February 2023, and 3) hear feedback on their case studies from special guests who have recruiting or hiring experience.

The sessions have no associated cost and are intended for individuals with some existing research experience.