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From worriers to warriors: How to support your socially anxious child

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Does your child frequently worry or avoid social gatherings or public events? Have their fears to engage in social activities worsened since lockdown? We've found that while social anxiety amongst young people is higher than ever before, we are all just in different stages of adjusting. We've also found a number of effective ways to help reduce social anxiety, support young people, and help them become more confident and capable versions of themselves!

Join Mary Santiago from KYDS Youth Development Service on Tuesday 25th October from 6:30pm to 7:30pm as she shares simple and practical guidance on how to help your teenager manage their social anxiety post-pandemic.  

Key takeaways include:

  • Understand the impact of COVID lockdowns on social anxiety in young people (and how best to respond)

  • Break the cycle of anxiety by balancing accommodation and confrontation 

  • Learn practical tools to help your child face their fears and manage their social anxiety

About the presenter

Since 2017, Mary Santiago has supported hundreds of families as a family and adolescent counsellor with KYDS Youth Development Service. She has extensive experience working with young people in professional and community settings, and is a skilled content creator for a wide range of prevention and early intervention mental health and wellbeing workshops for primary and secondary students.

Mary holds a Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University, a Master of Counselling from The University of Notre Dame, and Mary is a sessional lecturer at Excelsia College. Her two areas of passion are: managing social anxiety; social media & gaming health.