Cover Image for Shizen Capital Cross-Pollination Event 2024
Cover Image for Shizen Capital Cross-Pollination Event 2024
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Shizen Capital Cross-Pollination Event 2024

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自然キャピタルとアドライトの共同主催、Inspired Lab共催の Cross-Pollination Event を今年も開催いたします。

In collaboration with addlight, we are excited to bring to you this year's Cross-Pollination Event! Watch presentations by Shizen Capital portfolio companies, meet other fellow Limited Partners, and enjoy networking over coffee and snacks!

Event Details

Admission: Free, snacks and drinks included (in case of maximum capacity, entry may be limited)

Language: English and Japanese

タイムテーブル Timetable:

14:00 – 14:15 Welcome / Opening
14:15 – 15:00 Shizen Capital Portfolio Presentations
15:00 – 15:45 Break + Networking
15:45 – 16:30 Shizen Capital Portfolio Presentations
16:30 – end Closing Remarks + Networking


Presentations will begin sharply at 14:00. Plan to arrive slightly before to complete check-in.
We are excited and look forward to welcoming you!


About our collaboration partner


株式会社アドライトは、オープンイノベーションによる新規事業創出や社内ベンチャー制度構築、イノベーター人材育成等、事業化の知見や国内外ベンチャーのネットワークを活かした事業創造支援を展開。未来へと続く事業を共に創るために、事業会社だけでなく、国の行政機関や主要自治体、海外コミュニティとも広く連携している。近年ではClimate Tech領域にフォーカスし、サステイナビリティ領域の国内外スタートアップと国内事業会社との事業共創プラットフォーム「SUITz( )」をローンチした。

addlight Inc. is a business incubator based in Tokyo, Japan. We combine strategy consulting, and a large network of startup and university contacts to build innovation within local and foreign corporations. We also work with foreign startups and accelerators to help local corporations gain advantages in Japan.


Japan, 〒100-0004 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Ōtemachi, 1-chōme−6−1, Otemachi Bldg., 6階
大手町駅に直結しており、最寄り出口C7、E2です。東寄り(東京駅側)のエレベーターをご利用ください。The building is connected to Otemachi Station. The nearest exits are C7 and E2. Please use the elevator on the east side (towards Tokyo Station). Otemachi Building is quite big — give yourself ample time to find the venue.
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