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What, how and why: three questions to regain your motivation and momentum after lockdown

Hosted by KYDS
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Have you ever felt like you really wanted to achieve a certain goal, but you didn't know where to start, you struggled to find the motivation, or once you started, you couldn't maintain the momentum? Join KYDS head facilitator, Nick Kenny, as he shares the most simple and effective ways for you to regain your motivation and momentum coming out of lockdown.

In this session, you will:

  •  Learn the most effective way to avoid mental blocks and overcome procrastination

  • Find out what drives motivation the simple hacks to build momentum

  •   Discover how to create a simple plan to achieve your goals

  •   Find out how small changes and habits can lead to outstanding results

You will walk away with an understanding of how to overcome the most common mental roadblocks and the right strategies to start achieving the results you want.

This presentation is useful for both teenagers and adults. We’re very excited to welcome you and to thank you for being part of the Loud and Clear campaign, a partnership between KYDS and Lindfield and Turramurra Community Bank.

Loud and Clear

"What, how and why" is one of six free webinars being offered as a part of our Loud and Clear campaign, which is raising funds to pay for an additional counsellor so that young people in our community can access mental health support without having to wait. Together we aim to raise $75,000. This will provide 900 more counselling sessions to over 50 vulnerable young people.

Each dollar donated will be matched by Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank until we reach the goal of $75,000.

During Mental Health Month in October, KYDS is delivering a series of free online mental health workshops and webinars for young people, parents/carers and families in our community (and beyond). If you would like to support the Loud and Clear campaign, donations can be made online or over the counter at either the Turramurra or Lindfield branches of Bendigo Bank.

About the presenter:

Nick Kenny is an award-winning speaker, ACA-accredited counsellor, and Chief of NSW Speakers Tribe. He has spent the past six years speaking in front of hundreds of different audiences and over the past twelve months has helped thousands of people take ownership of their mental health through workshops and keynote presentations. A graduate of James Ruse Agricultural High, he has completed an honours degree in modern history and a master of politics and public policy.

​Nick now runs well-being programs in schools and online with KYDS Youth Development Service, works as a SMART Recovery facilitator, hosts “Mental Stealth Radio” on Northside’s 99.3FM, and coaches men and young people through difficult situations.