Cover Image for ◢ Live CRO Teardown with Oddit (Hosted By Replo and Triple Whale)

◢ Live CRO Teardown with Oddit (Hosted By Replo and Triple Whale)

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​Replo and Triple Whale are thrilled to host another Live CRO Teardown event featuring Shaun Brandt, the co-founder of Oddit.

​During the event, Shaun will be sharing his decade-long expertise in designing digital experiences for the world's top brands. He will provide actionable tips to optimize your website, improve conversion rates, and build brand trust.

​This is a unique opportunity to gain insights from a leader in the field and learn how to leverage Oddit's brand-first CRO approach, the power of Replo's high-performance pages, and Triple Whale's real-time data analytics.

​All attendees are encouraged to bring their website's URL and a notepad to take notes. This is a golden opportunity to get personalized advice completely free of charge. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn from the best, and take your website to the next level. Sign up now and join us for the Live CRO Teardown!

Oddit is a service that provides robust, conversion-focused UX reports and design recommendations for e-commerce stores. Oddit offers expert advice to build brand trust and reduce friction in user experience. Their service includes analyzing your site, redesigning sections, and providing actionable recommendations to improve your site's performance and conversion rates.

Replo is an e-commerce platform designed to supercharge Shopify stores. It offers a toolkit for serious e-commerce teams, allowing them to create ultra-customizable landing pages, launch campaigns faster, and free up developers to focus on more complex features.

Triple Whale
Triple Whale is the source of truth for the data that helps you make better decisions. From integrations with your most important platforms to ecommerce-training AI, Triple Whale helps you find the exact data points you need, with customization and personalization to fit your business.