Cover Image for July T2B Comm Convo: Practical AI Applications for Corporate Affairs
Cover Image for July T2B Comm Convo: Practical AI Applications for Corporate Affairs
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July T2B Comm Convo: Practical AI Applications for Corporate Affairs

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In July's Comm Convo, corporate communicator Daniel Mendez will showcase real-life AI applications that enhance productivity for comms practitioners. He'll explain why it’s so important to keep a “human-in-the-loop” to maintain quality, accuracy, and information protection in our highly regulated industry. Attendees will gain insights into navigating confidentiality concerns, integrating new tools into overall comms strategies, and leveraging AI for language enhancement, real-time insights, and visual/audio content creation.


  • Improve efficiency and creativity by crafting diverse content and facilitating more effective brainstorming processes with generative AI tools.

  • Ensure quality and accuracy of generated AI outputs through the crucial role of human intervention via supervision and guidance.

  • Consider best practices for safeguarding responsible AI applications in communications through adherence to ethical standards and compliance mandates.


Daniel Mendez is a multifaceted communications professional with a global mindset and a strong track record helping large multinational companies to engage, motivate, and support employees during periods of organizational change.

​He is bilingual in English and Spanish and has experience working with highly diverse teams from the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

​Daniel started his career in Chile, working in the middle of the Andes in copper mining operations. He then decided to move to the United States, where he has worked in various industries, including Engineering & Construction, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, and Healthcare. He has performed corporate communications roles in Arizona, Texas, Virginia, and New Jersey.

As a proper geek and tech enthusiast, Daniel is excited about the role digital innovation and technology will play in making lives better for people globally. In particular, he believes AI will be a force of good for humanity and wants to contribute to that goal by getting involved and making an impact from within. He has led technology communications for various multinational companies and recently completed the “Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy” program with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Daniel’s journey as a cancer survivor and thriver means celebrating life and giving back where he can. He spends his free time playing musical instruments, enjoying time outdoors with his family, and using his professional network to help others find fulfilling careers through #commsjobs on LinkedIn.

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