Cover Image for The Language of Flowers - in the garden
Cover Image for The Language of Flowers - in the garden
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The Language of Flowers - in the garden

Hosted by Savayda Jarone
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The Language of Flowers - Floriography

Let flowers say it for you! Flowers are full of symbology and meaning, with a long history of expressing sentiments, messages, and code when words alone fall short.

The grand finale of the series (or just attend this one)

Join me in reviving this lost language and become fluent in floral speak. A language that transcends the ordinary and promises delight and connection for both the speaker and the recipient.

This isn't just a workshop; it's an invitation to step into a world where flowers become your dialogue, expressing sentiments in a language that goes beyond the spoken word.

We will gather in my herb garden for immersive play with flowers at their peak, arranging specialty bouquets known as nosegays, posies and tussie mussies. You will leave with specially chosen blooms and a personalized bouquet, a memento of your newfound proficiency in the language that speaks directly to the soul.

In person at Blue Forest, $34.50 (includes HST)

Please confirm your attendance with payment, via etransfer to:

100 English Point Rd
Head of Jeddore, NS B0J 1P0, Canada
4 Going