Implementing Adobe’s CAI Open-Source Tools for Digital Content Provenance: A Virtual Workshop



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Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) is proud to be releasing a suite of open-source tools to make it easy to integrate content provenance, based on the C2PA standard we helped create, into your Web, desktop and mobile projects. Help restore transparency and trust to media! 

Please join the CAI team for an in-depth workshop exploring Adobe’s three open-source products with easy-to-implement toolkits for digital content provenance. Content credentials, currently integrated into Adobe Photoshop, will now be available for other products and services through three simple open-source tools. Dave Kozma, Eric Scouten, and Gavin Peacock from the CAI team will show off the new JavaScript SDK, Rust Toolkit, and Command Line Utility. CAI Lead Product Designer and C2PA UX Task Force Co-Chair Pia Blumenthal will walk through the UX guidelines, use cases, and trust signals these new tools enable.  

Interest in digital provenance is growing! With the release of the C2PA open specification in January, the blueprint for a future of verifiable content provenance was established. Now it’s time to build, and we think this open tooling is the place to get started. If you’re a developer, product leader, designer, or business leader interested in transparency and trust online, please join us for this important launch event. 


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