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AI Cinema Screening @ Sony Pictures Studio

Hosted by Late Arrivals & Todd Terrazas
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Join us on Thursday Nov 2nd at the Sony Picture Studios Lot for Emergent Properties, a screening of innovative films using the latest generative AI techniques including the world premiere of "Sigma_001". You'll see stable diffusion VFX, animated MidJourney generations, synthetic audio, and the most creative applications of AI technology. Get a chance to hear from and meet the filmmakers and technologists doing pioneering work in the field.

Presented by Adobe, Late Arrivals, and AILA this evening will present the exciting future of AI-powered cinema.

Recommended attire is smart casual.

ATTENTION: There will be no ticket sales at door. Do not show up trying to buy a ticket at the door.


  • 6:30pm - Greetings in lobby

  • 7:15pm - Go inside theater

  • 7:30pm - Screening of films

  • 8:15pm - Filmmaker breakdowns & Q&A with Adobe

  • 9:00pm - Farewells in the lobby

  • 10:00pm - Afterparty at TBD Location

Films & Filmmakers

Sigma_001 - Directed by Quinn Halleck, Produced by Late Arrivals
Quinn Halleck is an LA-based film director skilled in both narrative and documentary genres. He received mentorship from director/producer Michael Bay and helped and collaborated on the movies '6 Underground' and 'Ambulance'. To push the boundaries of generative AI, he teamed up with AI media company Late Arrivals and boutique visual effects company Digital Sorbet to make "Sigma_001", a film about an engineer at a major tech company who sneaks in a skeptical journalist to interview what he believes is the first sentient AI. "Sigma_001" uses the most cutting edge generative AI tools like Stable Diffusion, ControlNet, DeepFace Labs and more to create photorealistic AI imagery across the film.

Jacques - Directed by Paul Trillo
Paul Trillo is an LA-based film director and multidisciplinary artist. One of the first directors to make waves online with fully AI-animated seqeneces, Paul has established a reputation as one of the most tech-forward commercial directors. His film "Jacques" was shot in the Louvre and brings the famous Paris museum to life through generative AI VFX.

How I Faked My Life with AI - Directed by Kyle Vorbach
Kyle Vorbach is an LA-based film director focused on making high-impact, high-concept films, using music, comedy, and technology to bend genres and push boundaries. "How I Faked My Life with AI" is a short documentary where Kyle creates an extensive fake life on Instagram and social media made entirely with AI tools like Stable Diffusion & DreamBooth. The film is literally a documentation of this process.

/Imagine - Directed by Anna Aptor
Anna Apter is a Paris-based film director. "/Imagine" is a short film made entirely by Anna. The film is a series of tableaux shots that explore interlinking themes of loneliness and empty online lives. Anna generated still images using AI tools like Midjourney and then animated them using tools tools like Studio D-ID.

Glitch - Directed by Jeff Synthesized
Jeff Synthesized is an LA-based film director. Jeff has leveraged a wide variety of generative AI tools to make compelling concept trailers and short films. His film "Glitch" is a proof of concept for creating highly professional Pixar-style animations with AI. Jeff made the film completely by himself in around 100 hours.

Zebulon - Directed by Curious Refuge
Curious Refuge is composed of filmmakers Caleb Ward and Shelby Ward. After a series of viral AI film trailers for a Lord of the Rings film directed by Wes Anderson and a true Barbenhiemer crossover, Curious Refuge has established itself as a leading online hub of AI filmmaking. "Zebulon" is a short sci-fi film that serves as a remarkable example of how generative AI offers filmmakers the ability to generate compelling visual treatments for anything they can imagine.

Location & Parking

The screening will take place at the Cary Grant Theatre at the Sony Pictures Studios lot located at 10202 Washington Blvd, Culver City CA 90232.

You will enter the lot through the gate on Culver blvd. All ticketed guests will receive a drive-on pass for the lot and will be directed by security to park in the garage. It is then a brief walk to the Cary Grant theater, about 3 minutes away. Please see the below map for arrival instructions.

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