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Cover Image for 45-Minute Business Kickstarter
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45-Minute Business Kickstarter

Hosted by Launchpad (prev. Apollo) & Nadim Nasser
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Turn your kid's curiosity into their first business idea

The 45-Minute Business Kickstarter is a workshop where kids aged 9-13 don't just dream about starting businesses—they sketch out their very first one.

Experience this Launchpad (formerly Apollo) trial class to get a taste of what awaits in our program.

Space is limited - only 50 spots are available for this personalized workshop.

Here's what awaits:

  • Spot opportunities: Learn how to spot opportunities and think like true entrepreneurs, focusing on real issues that need solutions.

  • Explore AI tools: Dive into the world of AI, using the latest tools to brainstorm and design a product that stands out.

  • Sketch a Business Idea: Walk away with not just concepts, but a tangible product they can continue to refine and grow.

Why it's a must:

  • Real-world skills: This isn't just another class. It's about hands-on learning and engaging in real-world problem-solving.

  • Expert guidance: Guidance from entrepreneurs who’ve been in the trenches offers your child unparalleled insights and feedback.

  • Elevate their mindset: We're here to show your child how to think bigger, offering the tools and mindset needed to pursue ventures that could one day pay the bills.

What you need:

  • Device: Internet and camera are essential.

  • Camera On for Full Participation: Mandatory for all. Off-cameras may lead to removal.

  • Mindset: Bring curiosity and creativity. No business experience needed.

  • No prior business knowledge required.

Secure their spot now.

  • Date & Time: Saturday, April 27th | 12 P.M. EST

  • Location: Online / Zoom (Link provided upon registration)

  • Ages: Kids aged 10-13 (parents are welcome)

  • Cost: $1.99

    • To ensure each spot is filled by those truly eager to explore and grow, the trial session is offered at $1.99. This helps us guarantee attendance and engagement, making this session impactful.


  • Do parents need to attend? Parents are welcome but not required to attend.

  • What materials will my child need? Just their imagination and attention—no special materials other than the internet is required.

  • How will the workshop be conducted? Through a live, interactive online platform. Cameras on!

About Launchpad (formerly Apollo):

Launchpad is a live cohort-based program where kids 9-13 learn about entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and negotiation by launching a business of their own.

Contact Us:

Have questions or need more information?, and we'll be happy to help.

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