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How To Use The Fit 176 Test For Leaky Gut And Food Sensitives

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In this insightful new presentation, Dr. Robert Silverman leads you through the latest developments in a comprehensive approach to treatment for improved digestive health and overall well-being. Dr. Silverman presents the latest evidence-based research into zonulin expression and its role in gut permeability and explains the role of food sensitivities in the inflammation cascade. He also discusses leading-edge options for accurate blood testing to detect food sensitivities, zonulin levels, and inflammation and shares strategies for interpreting the results. Based on test results, Dr. Silverman draws on his expert knowledge to provide protocols for essential supplementation and performance nutrition. 

Join Dr. Silverman as he explains how to quickly incorporate food sensitivity and zonulin testing into your practice. 

Learning Objectives

  • Elucidate the value of advanced laboratory blood tests for diagnosing food sensitivities and zonulin expression.

  • Understand the importance of hidden or delayed symptoms in diagnosing food sensitivities.

  • Discuss the interconnection between zonulin, increased intestinal permeability, and autoimmunity.

  • Assess intestinal microbiomes and implement treatment options to heal broken barriers and reduce inflammation.

  • Apply leading-edge supplemental protocols for improving gut health.

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