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A Systematic Approach to Singing

Hosted by Institute for Vocal Advancement
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This two-part presentation will begin with a brief overview of Evidence-Based Voice Pedagogy (EBVP) with the main focus being application through a systematic approach to voice teaching.

The Journal of Singing published an article by Kari Ragan in 2018 outlining a framework for Efficient Breath-Based Voice Production (EBVP) that includes three components: Voice Research, Voice Teacher Expertise and Experience, and Student Goals and Perspectives. This workshop will present the framework and how it can be used in voice teaching.

Kari Ragan's book, A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application, published by Plural Publishing in 2020, offers a systematic approach to teaching voice based on scientific principles. The book provides a template for diagnosing vocal challenges and designing vocal exercises for efficient singing in classical and contemporary genres. This workshop will demonstrate how to use the template and effective tools.

About Kari

Singer, author, and voice pedagogue, Kari Ragan holds degrees from the University of Washington (DMA), and Indiana University (MM, BM). In 2012, Dr. Ragan was the recipient of the prestigious Van. L. Lawrence Award. This prestigious award, presented jointly by The Voice Foundation and the National Association of Teachers of Singing, afforded her the opportunity to research cool-down physiology for singers. Dr. Ragan was also the recipient of the NATS Foundation Pedagogy Award (2009), earned the NYSTA Distinguished Voice Professional Certificate (2009), the Wicklund Singing Voice Specialist Certificate (2010), and was selected to be a Master Teacher for the NATS Intern Program (2021).

As a singing voice rehabilitation specialist (SVS), Dr. Ragan works in affiliation with the University of Washington Laryngology program to help rehabilitate singers with injured voices. She has maintained a thriving Independent Voice Studio for nearly forty years and served on the voice faculty at the University of Washington teaching Applied Voice, Voice Pedagogy, and more.

Dr. Ragan serves as the NATS Advancement Committee Chair and on the NATS/Rowman & Littlefield Editorial Board, and is the moderator of NATS Chats, a national monthly webinar.

She is the co-founder and organizer of the Northwest Voice: Art and Science of the Performing Voice Conference, a multi-disciplinary meeting held annually in Seattle, Washington. Plural Publishing released her book A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application in 2020.