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Thursday Nights in AI: Kanjun Qiu and Josh Albrecht, Imbue (by application only)

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San Francisco, California
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Thank you to our partners at Notion for hosting at their beautiful HQ! This event is co-hosted by Outset Capital, Imbue & WndrCo

Join us for a special fireside chat with Kanjun Qiu and Josh Albrecht, co-founders of Imbue, which just announced a $200M Series B at a $1B+ valuation!

Not in SF? Join us via LinkedIn Live!

About Kanjun: Kanjun is the co-founder and CEO of Imbue. Previously, Kanjun was the co-founder and CEO of Sourceress, a machine learning recruiting startup based in San Francisco. Before Sourceress, Kanjun served as the first chief of staff at Dropbox as the company scaled from 200 to 1200 people. Kanjun is a Sequoia Capital Scout and the co-author of Sew Electric, a book that uses sewing to teach computer science to middle and high school students.

About Josh: Josh is the co-founder and CTO of Imbue. Previously, he published machine learning papers as an academic researcher (under Rebecca Hwa), founded an AI recruiting company that went through YC and a 3D injection molding software company that was acquired, helped build Addepar as an early engineer, and served as a Thiel Fellow mentor. Josh started programming as a kid and built his own computer games, and began working professionally as a software engineer in high school.

About Imbue: Imbue is an AI research company aiming to rekindle the dream of the personal computer—by creating practical AI agents that can accomplish larger goals and safely work for us in the real world, and they are hiring!

About Outset Capital: Outset Capital is led by Ali Rohde, Kanjun Qiu, and Josh Albrecht — AI practitioners investing in AI, deeptech, and the future of work. We back companies at the outset, and love to be the first check in.

About WndrCo: Founded in 2016 by Sujay Jaswa and Jeffrey Katzenberg, WndrCo is a multi-stage technology investment firm that is focused on the Consumerization of Software. We build and partner with companies whose products are revolutionizing how people live and work. We invest where we’ve operated - Future of Work Software, Consumer Technology, and Cybersecurity - so that we can make an impact beyond invested capital.