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Career Roadmapping

Hosted by Tech Ladies
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Don't wait for your manager to guide your development, take control of your career!

Your career roadmap is a custom professional development plan tailored to what you really want to ahieve in your career.

Whether you are in job search mode or loving your current role, this is an opportunity to re-assess where you’re at and how you’ll get to the next step in your career. Be ready with a blank sheet of paper, a pen, and an open mind.

After this workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Identify themes and patterns in your work history

  • Understand what work energizes you and what work you want to leave behind as you grow your career

  • Articulate your skills, interests, strengths, and values

All of which will help you update your resume, LinkedIn, and elevator pitch to better explain how you make an impact with your work!

About the Facilitator

Wendy Saccuzzo (she/her) is Head of Community & Career Services at Tech Ladies. She nerds out over anything recruiting and tech hiring related, and she’s worked in tech for most of her career (Customer Success, Career Services, Sales).

She’s also a career coach and counselor with a focus on job search, interviewing, career transition, and leadership, mostly working with underrepresented people in tech.

You can find her on LinkedIn.