NY #TechWeek Web3 Founders & Investors brunch ✨

Hosted by Rime Salmi & 8 others
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New York, New York
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Enter our prestigious Web3 Founders and Investors Meetup Brunch at NYC Tech Week.

On June 4 between 11 am and 2 pm, be part of an exclusive guest list featuring leading Web3 industry professionals, investors, and innovative founders. This isn't your typical brunch – it's a close-knit gathering of individuals influencing the trajectory of the blockchain space. Enhance your networking experience and indulge in unparalleled insights. Reserve your place now!

Exited to see you again! Or meet you in person for the first time :D

past attendees and partners: Fabric Ventures, A16z, Pantera Capital, Vayner Media, Crypto.com, Binance, Meta, Coinbase, OP, Polygon, Arca, M2, ByBit, Sino Global Capital, Arbitrum, USV, Metis, Figment, Near, Coin Telegraph, Decrypt, Polkadot, Sequoia, Multicoin Capital

This event is a part of #TechWeek - a week of events hosted by VCs and startups to bring together the tech ecosystem

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​marketing strategy for web3. fractional Chief Marketing Officers helping blockchain startups elevate their go-to-market strategy, gain rapid traction and attract top quality venture capital.


ZKT Network

​ZKT Network was founded in 2023 with a strong mission to help advance global compliance standardization in web3. A dedicated core team of top talent distributed across Asia and the United States have developed a unique modular toolings suite that injects globally compliant requirements into L1 and L2 projects’ infrastructure within 30 minutes or less.



BEVM is the first fully decentralized EVM-compatible Bitcoin L2 backed by Bitmain and RockTree Capital. With over 30 ecosystem projects coming onto live mainnet, BEVM is also bringing Hashrate RWAs to their L2 and launching a $60M ecosystem fund.



Hashlock is an Industry Leading Blockchain Cyber Security and Smart Contract Auditing Firm. It collaborates with blockchain developers, project creators and corporations to ensure that web3 innovations are secure and successful.


For more networking with great founders and investors, our partners Yorkseed and Startup Fuel are hosting a fuel day Venture summit right after the brunch: https://lu.ma/venturesummitnytechweek?locale=en-CA

See you there!

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New York, New York