Cover Image for Website Wisdom Hour: Your Small Business Q&A
Cover Image for Website Wisdom Hour: Your Small Business Q&A
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Website Wisdom Hour: Your Small Business Q&A

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Feeling stuck with your website? Struggling to get leads from it? Don't know if the design is up to par? Not sure if it's speaking to your customers?

Join my FREE Website Wisdom Hour, a Q&A session for your small business website!

What can you expect?

A fun and relaxed interactive session where you can have your website questions answered and get valuable insights to enhance your website. With 15 years of experience creating high-converting websites for small businesses, I'm here to share my expertise and help you stand out in the marketplace.


  • 5 mins: Introductions (tell me who you are, where you're tuning in from, and what you hope to learn)

  • 45 mins: Open Q&A

  • 5 mins: Wrap up (what to do if we didn't get to you, any upcoming events to keep an eye on)

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Trista DeVries, Web Designer & Brand Strategist.

I’m passionate about helping women+ entrepreneurs like you build websites that stand out, attract, and convert your dream customers.

With 15+ years of experience in web design and branding, I’ve partnered with numerous purpose-driven women+ business owners to create high-converting websites that resonate with their audience and drive business growth.

Join me in the Website Wisdom Hour, and let’s take your small business website to the next level together!


What topics will be covered during Website Wisdom Hour?

That depends on you! I'm here to answer any questions that come my way from SEO, design best practices, how to get more leads and conversions, mobile optimization, The session will cover anything related to website design and functionality for small businesses — so bring all your questions!

Do I need to prepare anything before the session?

Nope! Just bring your questions and any specific challenges you're facing with your website. If you have particular examples or screenshots, those can be helpful, but they're not required.

How can I ask questions during the session?

Raise your hand or type them into the Zoom chat. I'll do my best to answer as many questions as possible within the time we have.

Will the session be recorded?

No. To get your questions answered and learn from the insights and expertise shared, you'll need to be there in person.

Can I get one-on-one advice during the session?

If you ask, I'll provide an answer. There are often a number of people on the call, so I try to keep my answers short but thorough. If you need more in-depth, one-on-one advice, feel free to reach out to me directly after the session to book a chat.

What if my question isn't answered during the session?

If we run out of time and I don't get to your question, you can email me afterwards. I'll make sure to follow up and provide the guidance you need.

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