The Triangle of Trust in Conversational Ethics and Design: Where Bots, Language and AI Intersect

Hosted by Montreal AI Ethics Institute & Connor Wright
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The Montreal AI Ethics Institute is partnering with Salesforce to host a discussion about conversational ethics and design.

Conversational AI enables people to communicate via text or voice with automated systems like smart speakers, virtual assistants, and chatbots. Leveraging Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), these systems can recognize speech, understand context, remember previous dialogue, access external knowledge, and generate text or speech responses.

However, conversational AI may not work equally well for everyone, and may even cause harm due to known or unknown bias and toxicity. Additionally, generating “personalities” for bots or virtual assistants creates risks of appearing inauthentic, manipulative, or offensive. In this workshop, we will discuss the issues of bias, harm, and trust where bots, language, and AI intersect.

Our events use a flipped classroom model:

  1. You do the reading(s) before showing up to the event.

  2. When you show up, we split up into groups to discuss.

  3. Afterward, we reconvene to share our findings with the larger group.

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