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VaultCraft No-Code Hackathon

Hosted by PopcornDAO
Past Event
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Calling all DeFi enthusiasts! Come build your own yield automation vaults in minutes with VaultCraft, Popcorn’s new no-code toolkit.

VaultCraft was developed for easily building a wide range of safe, risk-adjusted vaults for assets on EVM-compatible chains. Using a simple UI, anyone can create a sophisticated vault in just a few clicks. All you have to do is pick your underlying assets, your strategy, any fees you’d like to tack on, and where you’d like to send those fees. Check out our Medium article for more details.

Hackathon participants can compete in multiple vault categories to win a share of £3,000 in prizes. Winners will also have a chance to have their vault added to Popcorn’s vault portfolio, with portion of fees paid to their creator on an ongoing basis!

All materials to enter the competition can be found here.

About PopcornDAO

Popcorn is a yield-optimizing protocol with automated asset strategies that simultaneously fund public goods at no additional cost.