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Web3 CreatorFi Sharing - Metaverse / Music / Novel / DeSci

Hosted by Help & Grow & #TheCryptoArk
Past Event
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About Event

Event Background

Web3 not only provides tools for creators to better engage with their users, but also bring paradigm shift as below:
Creators = New Founders

Consumers | Fans | Users = Investors | Evangelists | Advocates

Community Partners = Shareholders

Event Information

The event is aimed at professionals and students interested in the intersection of blockchain technology and creator economics.
Topic sharing from industry leaders will cover different domains like Metaverse, Music, Novel and DeSci .

​After the topic sharing, there will be a networking session, providing attendees with the chance to connect with industry professionals and learn more about potential opportunity.

​Event Flow

​6:20PM-6:40PM Registration

​6:40PM-7:05PM Opening Ceremony - [OGBC & Moledao]

​7:05PM-7:20PM [Music] Muverse introduction from Caiya, Muverse SG Ambassador (ZOOM online)

7.20PM-​7:35PM [Novel] Read2N introduction from Chari, CEO of Read2N

​7:35PM-7:50PM [DeSci] Topic sharing from Leo Kwok, NTU lecturer in philosophy

​7:50PM-8:05PM [Metaverse] MetaFrontier introduction from Norman, CEO of MetaFrontier Blockchain Service

8:05PM-8:30PM Networking