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BioAI Hackathon - Entrepreneur First x InstaDeep

Hosted by Entrepreneur First
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About Event

Will you be one of the 40 most exceptional biotechnology and AI engineers, researchers, or specialists to take part in our Hackathon on AI in Bio?

Join a curated group of ambitious and talented individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds, all passionate about the intersection of biotechnology and artificial intelligence. If you're a skilled computational biologist, an AI engineer, a geneticist or a Ph.D. student with a keen interest in developing biotech solutions, then this hackathon is tailor-made for you. Together, you’ll explore cutting-edge challenges and opportunities in computational biology, from synthetic biology and building complex models of living systems to drug discovery and personalised medicine.

You'll have 48 hours to work in teams of 3-5 individuals maximum and build an MVP and a business proposal. This exclusive event will take place in the state-of-the-art offices of PariSanté Campus, providing you with a stimulating and collaborative environment to innovate.

With a decade of fostering innovation in biotech, Entrepreneur First is excited to welcome the next generation of founders in computational biotechnology to join the ranks of Kheiron, Biographica, Deeplife, ImVitro, and many more in our portfolio. We have partnered with a DeepTech company in the field of biotechnology and AI, InstaDeep, to offer you the most enriching experience possible.

During this event, you’ll have access to:

  • World-class AI research scientists and cutting-edge Nucleotide Transformer model from InstaDeep

  • GPT-4 via API credits from Open AI

  • Stable Diffusion model API from Stability AI

  • State of the art computing from OVH Cloud

The stakes are high. Computational biotechnology has the potential to transform healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.

Now is the time to experiment with cutting-edge solutions that could pave the way for a safer and more sustainable future while gaining access to emerging billion-dollar markets.

Are you up to the challenge? The winning team will receive a cash prize of 2,000 euros!

After two days of intense work and ideation you’ll have to present your MVP and pitch your business proposal to an exceptional jury:

Here is a list of suggested topics:

  • Decoding Genomic Mysteries through Nucleotide Transformer 

  • Smart Polypharmacy Assessment in Neuropsychiatry using ML Representations

  • Advancing Eco-Friendly Manufacturing With BioAI 

  • Predicting disease evolution and escape using deep learning methods 

Participants will have the opportunity to suggest alternative topics and engage with them, contingent upon confirmation by our organization.

What to expect?

Free participation - food and drinks provided

  • Friday, September 1st:

    • Applications and subjects submission open

  • Thursday, October 5th:

    • Applications and subjects submission close

  • Monday, October 16th:

    • 9am - 10am: Kick-off and welcome talk

    • 10am - 8pm: Building sprints and mentoring sessions

      • Mentors will include:

        • Research scientists at InstaDeep

        • Mentors from Health Factory

        • Other computational biotechnology specialists

  • Tuesday, October 17th:

    • 9am-5pm: Building sprints and mentoring sessions

    • 5pm: Presentation and MVP submission

    • 5.15-7.45pm: Pitches, Jury Deliberation, Keynote & awards

    • 7.45pm: Closing ceremony & drinks

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InstaDeep delivers AI-powered decision-making systems for the Enterprise. With expertise in both machine intelligence research and concrete business deployments, we provide a competitive advantage to our customers in an AI-first world.

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