Justin Murphy

Social scientist, quit academia to research & teach on the internet full-time. Philosophy, science, creator economy, tech.

About me

I finished my PhD in 2014, worked as a professor of political science for five years, then quit to conduct all of my research and teaching on the internet.

Two years later, I enjoy more influence and higher earnings than I did as a professor.

Below you'll find links to my personal media company Other Life, which covers philosophy, social science, and tech trends enabling indie thinkers to exit institutions (creator economy and crypto in particular).

I also founded IndieThinkers.org, a premium membership community designed to connect and accelerate other indie thinkers building long-term intellectual lives on the internet.

My research has been published in IEEE Intelligent Systems, International Studies Quarterly, The British Journal of Political Science, and popular outlets such as Foreign Affairs and New Statesman.

I also run a lot of events, you should come to one! ⬇️