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Van Gogh Voyage with Just Ape and Aleph Zero

Hosted by Grooovy
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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
Past Event
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About Event

Join the Just Ape community alongside the Aleph Zero community for an immersive and unforgettable day at the world-renowned Van Gogh Museum, followed by a sumptuous luncheon that promises not just culinary delights but also enriching conversations and connections!

📅 Date: 11/1

📍 Venue: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam & The Seafood Bar

🕒 Time: 12 pm

Event Highlights:

  • A Museum Visit: 

    • A visit to the Van Gogh Museum, exploring the timeless works of one of history’s most enigmatic artists.

  • Lunch & Network: 

    • An exquisite lunch at one of Amsterdam's charming venues, creating an ideal setting for networking and camaraderie.

  • Community Bonding:

    •  Opportunities to network and build meaningful relationships within the Just Ape and Aleph Zero communities.

  • Knowledge Sharing: 

    • Engaging discussions about the intriguing world of Web3, NFTs, and the blooming ecosystem of Aleph Zero.

Why Attend?

  • Cultivate Connections: 

    • Build genuine relationships within the vibrant communities of Just Ape and Aleph Zero.

  • Discover Art & Tech: 

    • Dive into the intersection of classic art and modern technology, exploring how they coalesce in the world of NFTs.

  • Raise Awareness: 

    • Contribute to raising awareness about Aleph Zero’s innovative blockchain and its unique features.

  • Community Support: 

    • Celebrate and fortify the unity and support within our thriving communities during this enchanting day out.

  • Special Collectibles

    • POAP NFT traits for your Just Ape collectibles to commemorate the event!


Secure your spot and get ready to delve into a day where classic art meets contemporary tech, all while surrounded by a community that shares your passion and curiosity.

🎟️ Ticket Price: 

FREE for Just Ape and Aleph Zero Community members!

Come, let's embark on this vibrant journey where we traverse through Van Gogh’s artistic genius and bask in enlightening blockchain discussions, all in the delightful company of our robust community!