How to Bond with Your Rescue Dog with Dr. Shelly Volsche



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Calling parents of rescue dogs!

Join us for a workshop by Dr. Shelly Volsche, Ph.D., to learn how you can create a strong bond with your dog. Shelly will share a framework that applies cognition, training, and enrichment techniques so you can:

  • Prevent and empathize with common behavioral issues like separation anxiety, reactivity, and more

  • Use positive reinforcement-based methods to help your dog when they are distressed

  • Advocate for your dog with family members, trainers, and even on walks!

​Our Speaker: Dr. Shelly Volsche, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor at Boise State, Author, former dog trainer, and dog mom to Lucy the Pug!⁠

Shelly and her work has been featured in:

⁠The first ten to sign up can use the code EARLY to get a discount

Why Join us?

If you are a rescue dog parent then you know that it's challenging to build a strong bond with a dog whose history you may not know. Or one that has not learned to trust humans. When we aren't bonded to our dogs it's hard to know what they need or how we can help them.

On the flipside, having a strong bond with your dog can -
​​🧡 Proactively prevent behavioral issues from happening

✨ Help you shape new behaviors

​🍁 Avoid frustrating training sessions⁠

​🐾 Boost your dog's health and wellbeing⁠

If you are even slightly curious about using science backed methods to build a strong bond with your pup then don't miss this workshop!

⁠Don't forget! The first ten to sign up can use the code EARLY to get a discount


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