Using The JTBD Framework To Drive Conversions



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Any marketer can do user research and data analysis so that every element on the site persuades customers to either make a purchase, download, signup or subscribe. 

Almost every marketer knows the importance of creating customer personas.

However, marketers focus a lot on the features and functions. 

Having a well-functioning or a usable site doesn’t always guarantee an increase in conversions.

Tapping into customers' social and emotional aspects is critical to great lasting experiences for the end-user.

Not everyone knows how to unearth the customer’s emotional and social needs through a theory known as Jobs-to-be-done... 

Fortunately, the skill of turning JTBD interviews into conversion insights is something that can be mastered through training. 

This is exactly why we are bringing you this session: Using JTBD Framework To Drive Conversions.

We know tons of blog posts, podcasts, and webinars talk about JTBD. 

​But here’s what makes this live training session different:

 – Khalid Saleh will walk you through the #JTBD framework we’re using right now on our clients to get consistent results. 

– Unlike most online sessions, this will be more interactive – you can ask specific questions and get instant answers. We want everyone who attends this training to really master JTBD. 

– Even though it's a 1 hour 30 mins session, it took us months to prepare every lesson in this training session. You will have one or two Aha moments during this session. 

- If you attend this session and feel like it didn’t live up to your expectations, we will gladly give you 100% of your money back. You really have nothing to lose. 

Our promise to you: After attending this training session, you will be able to conduct JTBD interviews and turn them into conversion insights.

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