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Focus on Facilitation Reflection & Storytelling Virtual Mini-Retreat



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Reflection Expedition to Story Mountain

A Reflective Journey Storytelling Retreat for the Focus on Facilitation Community

Join us for a practical “design thinking lab” virtual retreat that will help you find, develop, and share stories of your past, present, or future vision. You'll get to listen to stories from others and hopefully leave inspired. Darin will also share some of his new activity creations with you.

This online workshop on story finding, making, and sharing is designed to help you not only make meaning of your experiences but also use story to inspire in your own leadership and communications. We will guide you through activities to help you reflect and develop your own stories and communicate them for engagement.

In this retreat you can:

  • Connect with other interesting people and listen to their stories.

  • Reflect on your experience to weave a narrative together of your own journey story.

  • Make meaning of the past and uncover the stories that you want to tell and others want to hear.

  • Build the meta story of your transformation or venture through smaller story ideas.

  • Gain frameworks (and facilitation) to catalyze you into action creating, designing, and sharing your story.

  • Be guided through ideating stories and then prototyping a storyboard to test out in our session.

    About your host, Darin Eich:

    Darin Eich, Ph.D. is an education entrepreneur and the founder of and He is the author of Innovation Step-by-Step and Root Down and Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs. He specializes in designing and leading innovative leadership programs that engage people in learning and doing design thinking. He has designed programs used by over 1 million people for organizations like Oxford, Dartmouth, NASA, Adobe & USA TODAY.


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