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SF Future of Coding – May 3, 2023

Hosted by Steve Krouse & Paul Klein
Past Event
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Future of Coding is a welcoming community unified in the belief that programming is tragically less than it could be. Together we explore the beautiful world of possibilities to reimagine computing. You can join the online Slack community or listen to the podcast here.

Thanks so much Mux for hosting us in their office in downtown SF! We may run out of room so please un-rsvp if you can't make it.

Bring your laptop! Be prepared for impromptu demos of whatever you're excited about. This meetup will have no talks or structured events — meander around the room, catch up with old friends, make new ones, pull out your laptops, and share and share alike.

Any mention of AI must be repented for with three Hail Alan Kays and two Our Mothers of Demos. But seriously we try our best to be anti-hype and anti-grifter. So while many of us do see the positives in AI (and crypto before it) let's all try to have a broader historical perspective here people!