The rise of science-backed brands - how to create research-backed product claims - with Matt Crane of Semaine Health & Susanne Mitschke of Citruslabs



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Join Matt Crane of Semaine Health and Susanne Mitschke of Citruslabs for an informational discussion on clinical trials with a specific focus on consumer brands. By understanding how clinical trials work and what to pay attention to in the process, brands can increase their chances of a successful study to create research-backed product claims as a result thereof. This workshop will cover:

  • Semaine's brand story and why they build their brand around science

  • Clinical trials vs. consumer perception studies

  • When to conduct a clinical trial (timing)

  • How to design a clinical trial

  • Budget

  • Setting expectations

  • What makes a great clinical trial

  • Managing a clinical trial

  • Creating claims that are research-backed

Join Matt & Susanne for a 40-minute workshop on Thursday, March 10th, 2022 at 10:00 AM PST (1 PM EST). 

About Matt Crane

Matt is the co-founder & Head of Product at Semaine Health, which is a women's health and wellness company that was founded in 2019. They launched their first supplement in 2020 - targeting PMS and menstrual pain. To be taken seriously by the medical community and provide consumers a product groundedn in evidence-based research, they decided to run a clinical trial with Citruslabs.

Matt holds a PhD in Bioengineering and made the switch from academia to private industry in 2019, when he co-founded Semaine. Previously, he held research roles at the University of Edinburgh School of Biological Sciences and the University of Washington Medical School. Matt published countless peer-reviewed articles in prestigious journals such as Genetics and Journal of Gerontology. Some of his research was also highlighted by the New York Times.

About Susanne Mitschke

Susanne is the co-founder & CEO of Citruslabs - a digital CRO (contract research organization). Citruslabs helps brands to successfully conduct and manage their clinical trials from start to finish. Since 2015, Citruslabs helped many brands of all sizes to create research-backed product claims. Amongst others, Citruslabs has successfully worked with HUM Nutrition, UR Labs, Common Heir and Your Super.

Susanne is passionate about supporting brands to achieve scientifically valid health claims and was named Forbes 30u30 in 2018 and 2020. Before Citruslabs, Susanne created the #1 health app for baby boomers called MindMate. MindMate helps its users to reduce the risk of developing cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer's and Dementia. The app has won multiple awards and is often titled "the ultimate Alzheimer's app".

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