Joy of Breathing & Yin Yoga


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Unlock the benefits of Joy of Breathing. Awaken a conscious connection with your body, mind, heart and spirit.

Transformational Breathwork

Connect with your highest intentions and deepest desires, from vibrant health, energy, peace, joy, love, to whatever you want to manifest in your life. Learn how to breath naturally and fully with this simple and effective method, and breathe your way to greater health, vitality, peace and joy today!

Easy And Powerful

Just 15 minutes of Breathing on a regular basis will empower and inspire you to reach higher heights and tap into your ability to improve your health, well-being and energy levels. It’s that easy!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga creates space in the body by working with the deep connective tissue fascia. Yin yoga is a deep, mindful and reflective practice, that involves resting in simple, accessible postures for an extended period of time. Energetically, Yin helps regulate the energy flow, enhancing the flow of Chi (Life Force Energy) in the body.

Yin yoga targets deeper tissues such as the ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body focusing primarily on the spine, pelvis, and hips.

Suitable for all levels of students. The class will follow a simple logical sequence of postures targeting specific muscles that normally are not exercised very much and need to be unlocked in order for your body to function optimally.

You'll stay in postures for a longer length of time using bolsters, blankets, and blocks to prop yourself into the pose without having to exert any effort.
More rejuvenating than a nap.