The Power Of Journaling For Mental Health



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Although journaling has been around for decades, it has rarely been reviewed through the lens of mental health. In this webinar delivered by Shift Psychotherapist Interns Louisa Larocque and Eden Jacobson, you will learn how journaling is a meditative and extremely versatile tool for one’s mental health and wellness. Journaling comes in many forms and serves multiple purposes. Whether you’re artistic, organized, minimalistic, or analytical, there is something to write about for everyone!

Eden & Louisa will also discuss various types of journaling, including the research demonstrating its effects on our mental health and its connection with art therapy. Suggestions for quick or “low maintenance” journaling will be provided, as well as recommendations for existing resources. Additionally, the webinar will end with a guided journaling exercise that is tailorable to all your needs and quirks.

By the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the basics and various types of journaling

  • Learn about the research regarding journaling for one’s mental health

  • Discover the connection between journaling and art therapy

  • Get ideas for easy journaling techniques (and put them into practice!)

  • Recommendations for guided journals with prompts

Please come prepared with something to write on, whether that’s pen and paper, computer or phone!

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