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Imposter Syndrome; Who Me?

Hosted by Institute for Vocal Advancement
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The cast of characters inside of your head walks out on stage with you every time you perform. The Critic. The Imposter. The Performer. The Talent Manager. The Protector.

And then, behind the scenes there are the younger parts carrying the memories of past performance breakdowns, embarrassment, and even traumas. When they show up, so do your emotions. “This is too hard. I’m failing. Run for your life!”

In this webinar, you will be introduced to a framework that will help you understand and work with your entire cast of characters. It’s time to learn how to befriend the imposter, calm down the critic, empower the talent manager, and liberate the performer!

About Jon

For decades Dr. Jon Skidmore, Psy.D. He has helped performers from around the world to find freedom on stage and in life. He believes that the path to peak performance starts between the ears, not in the practice room. He is a performance psychologist, singer, educator and author. He has taught the psychology of music performance at the Brigham Young University School of Music for over 30 years and has a private psychological practice in Orem, Utah.