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Join our Drawify team

Hosted by Axelle Vanquaillie
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Join our Drawify team

Together we can make a difference in the future of visual storytelling!

Do you strongly believe in the power of drawings when it comes to visual storytelling?

Although many of us teach people to draw, we also know that a lot of people just don’t feel confident enough to draw at work.

That’s why we’ve developed Drawify, together with 20 top-notch visual storytellers around the world. Today more than 3000 people are using Drawify in almost 80 different countries.

And we are growing! Therefore we are looking for diverse FREELANCE TALENTS to expand our team. Do you recognize yourself in one of the descriptions below?

1.     Drawifier

You have got a broad visual library of images and icons you can easily (re-)create in a vector-based program. And you’d like to see your drawings be used around the world!

You can become a Drawifier by adding hundreds of drawings to our visual library, helping people in creating their visual story.

2.     Evangelist

You believe in visual storytelling and in Drawify. You have a broad network and impact on social media. People take your word for granted and follow you with a smile.

You can become a Drawify evangelist by posting your work and experience with Drawify on social media.

3.     Sales-addict

You absolutely love to convince people and get a kick out of selling and closing deals. Become our sales talent by selling Drawify in your network. Every sale will be a win-win-win.


If, on top of one of the previous roles, you’d love to share knowledge? You can host one of our monthly sessions, where you can share your visual storytelling tips and skills with our worldwide users.

Whatever role fits you, being part of the Drawify team means joining a community of professional, talented, and creative people from around the world.

When Drawify wins, you win. We define transparent ways of acknowledging your contribution.

Every month, we connect in an online meet-up and at least once a year we do so in an offline way, at a nice location.

Being a Drawify contributor, we do everything to put you in the spotlight by embedding you in our marketing actions and communication.

Looking forward to welcoming you to this session!