Building a PLG dream team with Jim Stoneham (SignalFire, Stripe, New Relic)



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How do the world’s best product-led growth companies build out their go to market team?

Building a team to support PLG isn’t always straightforward. It’s a lot more complex than just tacking on a “PLG Manager” role. In fact, many of the job titles you bring in may look on face value just like the roles you’d find in a traditional tops-down enterprise software company.

The key is bringing people with the right mindset, experience and skills to make a PLG operation function.

Join us with Jim Stoneham (Partner at SignalFire, former CMO Stripe, former CMO New Relic) to discuss the right moves to make when building out a PLG team.

About Jim

Jim Stoneham has led marketing and growth teams at some of the most exciting companies around; including Stripe, SignalFire, New Relic, Yahoo!, Kodak, and Apple. He is also a consultant to various startups.


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