Cover Image for H.E.R. CON - L2 Edition
Cover Image for H.E.R. CON - L2 Edition
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H.E.R. CON - L2 Edition

Hosted by H.E.R. DAO & 3 others
Past Event
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H.E.R. CON is back this year for ETHGlobal London! Get ready to witness the evolution of the technical web3 ecosystem at H.E.R. CON!


  • 4PM-5PM: Farcaster Happy Hour 🎉

  • 5PM-5:10PM: "Building Onchain Applications for the Future", Kevin Jones, DevRel @Edge & Node

  • 5:10PM-5:20PM: "AI and Coding", Martin Krupik, Founder & CEO @Emersa

  • 5:20PM-5:30PM: "State of ZK Dev Experience", Raza Rython, DevRel @Scroll

  • 5:30PM-5:50PM: "Building on Starknet", Robert Kodra @Starknet Foundation

  • 5:50PM-6PM: "A Marketplace for Shared Sequencing", Ellie Davidson @Espresso

  • 6PM-6:10PM: "Accelerating the Unification of Web3", Prabal Banerjee @Avail

  • 6:10PM-6:30PM: "Extending the Functionality of Ethereum", Kate Eldaly @cLabs

  • 6:30PM-6:40PM: "Start your journey on Starknet", Solene Daviaud @Starknet Ecosystem

  • 6:40PM-7PM: Building Diverse Web3 Communities moderated by Lena Hierzi (Celo Foundation) with Vennila Seshadri (H.E.R. DAO), Doro Unger-Lee (Algorand Foundation), Shantelle Awomoyi (Gnosis Chain)

  • After 7PM: Networking

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unwind and mingle with like-minded peers over drinks, nibbles, and stimulating conversations following Pragma. This is more than just a conference; it’s a catalyst for inspiration, collaboration, and empowerment in the ever-evolving world of decentralized technology!

20-22 Whitechapel Rd
London E1 1EW, UK
173 Going