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Career Crossroads: IC or Manager?

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Are you thinking about making the big leap from being an individual contributor to a manager? Join us to chat about how to figure out the right time for this shift and the skills you'll need to make it happen.

We'll kick things off with a brief presentation covering:

  1. How to assess where you are and where you want to go

  2. Things to consider when deciding whether to stay as an IC or become a manager

  3. Practical tips for moving into a managerial role

  4. Current market trends for SMEs

After that, we'll break into smaller groups for deeper discussions and actionable steps. It's going to be a great opportunity to get some insights and personalized support for your career journey. 

About the Speaker: Dipti Patel (she/her) is a career and leadership coach specializing in empowering mid to senior level women in technology to achieve their professional goals. With nearly two decades of experience in Product Management and Technology, she brings a wealth of industry knowledge and practical insights to her coaching practice. Her passion lies in helping women navigate their career paths, develop their leadership skills, and break through barriers in the tech industry.

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