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ConversatiON with Jen Bergren

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**To attend this event, you can name your own price. The Operations Nation team is building a community-powered knowledge sharing platform for current and future operations leaders, and we are currently raising funds to be able to focus on this project full-time.**

Documentation is essential for business and career growth. By setting up good documentation systems and processes, you can:

  • Offer 30-hour workweeks and attract talent

  • Onboard new employees quickly, to increase revenue faster

  • Easily see, agree on, and improve your processes

  • Iterate and experiment more efficiently

Yet so often, documentation is still looked at as a nice-to-have - or worse, a chore - and gets banished to the bottom of our priority lists.

Ops often leads the charge in getting documentation systems in place - and with the start of a new year, it's the perfect time to start off strong and do some clean-up that will make everyone's lives easier.

Operations Nation is here to help you with figuring out how to navigate through the process - from finding the right tools to convincing others to participate, including leaders.

Our Guest Speaker: Jen Bergren

Jen was the Head of Operations at Remotish, a HubSpot RevOps & WebOps agency. Her work includes creating plans, processes, and programs such as a knowledge management program (wiki), a comprehensive employee onboarding program, and a referral partner program that generates 45% of company revenue and earned her the 2022 Heroes of RevOps award from

She was a lesson professor for the HubSpot Revenue Operations certification, a TA for HubSpot Academy’s Sales Skills Bootcamp, a RevOps correspondent at INBOUND2021, a speaker at the 2022 HubSpot World Certification Week, and a panelist on the INBOUND After Hours show and the MoPros Career Fair.

Jen is writing a book about RevOps, to combine her love of research, writing, and lifelong learning. She's also running her own course on documentation, teaching people how and why to document their business processes.

We're looking forward to chatting with Jen and starting the new year off strong. Hope you'll join us!