Cover Image for [LOCATION UPDATED] Sui Overflow Picnic Bash:  Network with Sui, NAVI & Aftermath Sponsored by Sui
Cover Image for [LOCATION UPDATED] Sui Overflow Picnic Bash:  Network with Sui, NAVI & Aftermath Sponsored by Sui
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[LOCATION UPDATED] Sui Overflow Picnic Bash: Network with Sui, NAVI & Aftermath Sponsored by Sui

Hosted by Jian Lu & 4 others
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Sui Picnic Bash: Network Gathering with Sui, NAVI & Aftermath Sponsored by Sui

Event Description: Gear up for a vibrant afternoon in Central Park at our Sui Picnic Bash! Co-hosted by Sui , NAVI, and Aftermath, this isn't your average networking event. Come for the web3 degen vibes, blockchain and potential opportunity for summer internships ranging from sde and marketing.

We're blending networking with play, offering both a space to spark innovative projects for the upcoming Sui Hackathon and a chance to unwind and connect socially with fellow tech enthusiasts in a relaxed, picturesque setting.

What to Expect:

  • Lively Networking: Mingle with a diverse crowd of developers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Whether you’re exchanging business cards or casual banter, you’ll find yourself making connections that are both professional and personal.

  • Casual Co-Working Spaces: Grab a spot on a picnic blanket or at a park table to chat projects or just enjoy the day. It’s coworking with a breath of fresh air!

  • Idea Jam Sessions: Jump into light-hearted brainstorming rounds designed to stir up your creativity and prep teams for the Sui Hackathon—fun and productive!

  • Picnic Vibes: Indulge in an array of delightful picnic snacks and refreshments, perfect for fueling your conversations and collaborations.

  • Games and Music: Enjoy laid-back games like frisbee or card games and groove to some great tunes. It's all about good vibes and good times!

Who Should Attend: This event is tailor-made for developers who are interested to build on Sui, students/professionals who are interested in internships/fulltime at top tier web3 companies and recharge, and connect for summer vibes. Whether you're deep into the blockchain scene or just curious about what’s buzzing in the tech world, come and add a spark to your day!

RSVP: Don’t miss out on the fun! Confirm your attendance by Spaces are filling up! Click here to RSVP

What's Sui ?

Sui is a Layer-1 blockchain written in Rust that supports smart contracts written in Sui Move. Sui is a 11 billioned valued blockchian that has accumulated 700m TLV since launch 10 months ago

What's Overflow Hackathon?

Sui Overflow is Sui’s first global virtual hackathon from April 21 - June 15, 2024. Builders and developers from around the world assemble to redefine innovation, performance, and ownership on Web3’s most expressive, powerful, and composable platform for 1m USD value of prizes.

Learn more at:

What's NAVI Protocol?

NAVI Protocol( is the no.1 DeFi infrastructure on #Sui with the leading Lending + LSDeFi platforms. Invested by OKX Ventures, Hashed, and Dao5, NAVI Protocol accumulated 200m TVL and 800k users since launching mainnet 10 months ago.

What's Aftermath Finance?

AftermathFi: Your On-Chain Suite of DeFi Products

At Aftermath we are focused on providing a trustless and transparent suite of DeFi verticals that revolve around our fully on-chain, orderbook-based, perpetuals exchange. Our exchange currently entails a multi-asset AMM for spot liquidity, our liquid staking token afSUI and our DEX aggregator. We are proud to be backed by the likes of Figment Capital, Zee Prime, Compound Crypto, Robot Ventures, as well as a geat group of angels and advisors.

As pioneers in the Sui ecosystem, our involvement dates back to before its genesis. We have actively contributed to the growth of the network through public initiatives like SIP6, which enabled Liquid Staking and has significantly enriched the Sui platform.

We're thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the upcoming Sui Overflow Hackathon. This event is a perfect opportunity for us to connect with talented Sui Move developers. We are eager to discuss how AftermathFi can support and elevate your projects. Join us to explore how we can innovate and transform the DeFi space together!

Join us at the Sui Picnic Bash where ideas meet fun in the heart of NYC. It’s more than just networking—it’s about making memories, sparking creativity, and enjoying a fabulous day out. We can’t wait to see you there!

Five Iron Golf - Grand Central
101 Park Ave, Street Floor 3 41st, New York, NY 10017, USA
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