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DeSci Meetup SF

Hosted by Fifty Years, Molecule & Atria Ventures
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What if we could crowdfund all biomedical research? How can we enable research funding for neglected diseases? How can we fill in the gaps left by federal grants with crypto and blockchains? These are some of the central questions for the growing field of decentralized science and intellectual property non-fungible tokens, being developed at Molecule. Let’s explore answers to these questions together. Join us at the Fifty Years HQ in San Francisco for an evening of food and conversation with a community of scientists, blockchain devs, and biotech VCs.


Molecule is a seed stage company at the intersection of biotech funding and crypto. They have developed the IP-NFT protocol for anyone to fund research projects, and have launched an accelerator program,, to support research-focused decentralized autonomous organizations, such as VitaDAO.

Fifty Years is a pre-seed/seed stage VC firm that partners with founders solving the world's biggest problems through technology entrepreneurship. We've seeded many synthetic biology startups shaping the world for the better.

Atria Ventures is a pre-seed/seed firm backing founders building at the intersection of technology and biology - rewriting the life sciences OS.