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ConversatiON with Janie Links, Founder of High Calibre People

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**To attend this event, you can name your own price. The Operations Nation team is building a community-powered knowledge sharing platform for current and future operations leaders, and we are currently raising funds to be able to focus on this project full-time.**

Over the last decade, we've seen a general increase in the recognition of how important People Strategy and People Operations are to an organisation. It's no longer just about the compliance of stereotypical HR tasks like contracts, compensation, and benefits, but the fine art of attracting, hiring, onboarding, managing, and progressing staff through their employee life cycle. As such, it turns out that COOs and other operations leaders are often accountable for people operations, either directly or indirectly. 👥

Please join us for what will be an exciting cONversation with Janie Links, Founder of High Calibre People! With Janie’s help, you can find out how to act as a Chief People Officer when your company doesn't have one. 👀

We'll discuss:

  • How do you help your company create a functional leadership team, especially when other leaders are behaving dysfunctionally?

  • How do you design a company-wide org structure with clearly defined functions, without creating silos?

  • What phases of the employee journey are the most important to build processes around as you scale your business?

  • And any other questions you have! 💬

Our Guest Speaker: Janie Links

Janie is a senior-level People leader with experience of working in both large-scale technology, and rapidly growing VC/PE-backed businesses across EMEA. Her experience includes working at Google in London as it was scaling from 200 to 1000 people, with Wonga through its growth and subsequent turnaround, and latterly with Trainline from KKR acquisition in 2015 to $2bn valuation at IPO in 2019.

She founded High Calibre People in February 2020 to support VC/PE-backed technology companies with developing their people strategy and helping leaders through different stages of the company's evolution. From Series A to C to E and beyond, she relentlessly focuses on delivering pragmatic, tangible results, particularly in the build, growth or transformation phase of a technology company's life cycle. In doing so, she helps companies solve people-related problems quicker and more effectively than before. 📈

Janie offers advisory, consulting and coaching services to scaling or transforming tech businesses and leaders.

She has coached leaders extensively:

  • internally within organisations,

  • externally, providing Executive, Leadership, EQ, and Career coaching to senior managers and leaders across Europe.

It is also not unknown for Janie to attempt to coach her 3 children. 👶

We can't wait to hear Janie's take on people leadership in startup operations. Hope you will join us!