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AirMiners January 2024 Town Hall

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Calling all Air Miners!

Happy 2024! At our next Town Hall on January 23rd, we're chaning things up - you will have the power to determine the nature of:

  • Topics we talk about in our public panel events, and

  • New database program offerings that Airminers is considering

Here's how we get there.

Part One. I would like to cover certain general categories for events in upcoming months: DAC, Biochar/BiCRS, Oceans, Mineralization, and MRV. Anyone from our community who comes to the Town Hall can provide a specific event topic within a category, then we'll use a Mentimeter poll to gauge how interested the audience is in each specific topic. And we'll do that category by category!

Part Two. Then we'll turn to new database services from AirMiners! You can offer your thoughts on what data would be most crucial for you to grow and develop a CDR startup: what other databases do people need? What kind of information would be value?

All of this is intended to empower you as our community to have more of a say in how AirMiners operates - here's the catch: You have to come to the Town Hall, and to have been active in AirMiners.

So register here and we'll see you there!
Tickets are free or $10 to support event carbon removal.