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How To Be An Embedded Entrepreneur

Hosted by Ayush 🙏
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Bootstrapping a business is hard.

You don't know where to start.

How to validate your ideas, how to find your initial users and ultimately how to build a sustainable business out of nothing.

Should you go idea first, or audience first?

And should you be building an audience while also building a business?

Is it too much work? Or will building a Twitter audience actually help you in your business?

This is where advice from Arvid Kahl can help you.

Arvid is the co-founder of the EdTech SaaS Feedback Panda. Which he took to $55k MRR and exited after 2 years for a "life changing" amount of money.

He is the founder of The Bootstrapped Founder blog, newsletter and podcast.

He has written books such as Zero to Sold and The Embedded Entrepreneur. And recently he launched his course - Find Your Following.

Join us for an hour long discussion about how to be an embedded entrepreneur on Twitter.

Listen, ask, learn and absorb the wisdom of Arvid Kahl.

See you there.

Ayush 🙏

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