How To Be An Embedded Entrepreneur



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โ€‹Bootstrapping a business is hard.

โ€‹You don't know where to start.

โ€‹How to validate your ideas, how to find your initial users and ultimately how to build a sustainable business out of nothing.

โ€‹Should you go idea first, or audience first?

โ€‹And should you be building an audience while also building a business?

โ€‹Is it too much work? Or will building a Twitter audience actually help you in your business?

โ€‹This is where advice from Arvid Kahl can help you.

โ€‹Arvid is the co-founder of the EdTech SaaS Feedback Panda. Which he took to $55k MRR and exited after 2 years for a "life changing" amount of money.

โ€‹He is the founder of The Bootstrapped Founder blog, newsletter and podcast.

โ€‹He has written books such as Zero to Sold and The Embedded Entrepreneur. And recently he launched his course - Find Your Following.

โ€‹Join us for an hour long discussion about how to be an embedded entrepreneur on Twitter.

โ€‹Listen, ask, learn and absorb the wisdom of Arvid Kahl.

โ€‹See you there.

โ€‹Ayush ๐Ÿ™

โ€‹PS: This is a private event with limited seats, so make sure to book fast.

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