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Considered Capital Masterclass

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Considered Capital Masterclass

We'll be hosting a LIVE masterclass on ‘How to Fundraise’. Juho Makkonen and Emma Shaw will take you along on their funding journey and how they both successfully raised over one million each in aligned funding. 

...there'll also be a Q&A in which you'll have time to get answers to your funding questions!

​About the Speakers

Juho Makkonen is the co-founder of Sharetribe, a company that helps entrepreneurs and organisations create their own sharing economy platforms. Having started a company with the purpose of democratising the sharing economy, Juho and his co-founder went in search of funding to achieve their social mission. They landed on steward ownership and a radical investment structure. To date they have raised over $2.4 million in funding.

​Emma Shaw is the co-founder of Library of Things, an all-women-led social enterprise on a mission to make borrowing better than buying for people and the planet As a purpose-before-profit company,  Emma and her two female co-founders put the mission of Library of Things’ at the heart of their journey to find patient, purposeful funding. This is their experience of raising over half a million pounds, on their terms.