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Lolita's Twitter Spaces Show - Season II

Hosted by Lolita Taub & LaaS πŸ’«
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​​πŸ₯³ Welcome to Lolita's Twitter Spaces Show - Season II, a variety show* where thought leaders share gems on a variety of topics that aim to support underestimated founders, funders & friends on our journey to startup-investor success!

β€‹β€‹πŸ—“ Add the show to your calendars by Registering. The show will run from March thru June 2022 on Mondays. You can register for some or all events!

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​​Topics and speaker line-up
Last updated: 3/3/2022

​March 14, How to Break in and Stay in VC, Gale (Bowman) Wilkinson, Managing Partner at Vitalize

​March 21, How to Launch & Run a Fund, Andrew Boules, Associate at AngelList

​March 28, Why & How to Invest in Funds, Emna Ghariani, Co-founder of The Bridge and Andrew Boules, Associate at AngelList

​April 4, How to get into Web3/NFTs, David Goldberg, GP at Alpaca VC and founder of Swoops (NFT Streetart/Streetwear co)

​April 11, The State of Pre-Seed Impact Investing, Zecca Lehn, GP at Responsibly Ventures

​April 18, From Angel Investor to Fund Manager, Anna Raptis, GP at Amplifica Capital

​April 25, Being an Emerging Manager in a Highly Regulated Industry With Limited Access to LPs, Helene Servillon, Founding Partner at JourneyOne Ventures