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Founder's Co-work + Founder Investor Happy Hour

Hosted by Jessica Sophia Wong (Yorkseed Founder) & Yorkseed™
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Queens County, New York
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**We are max out for co-working, but we still have room for happy hours from 6pm - 8:30pm** BYOB**

Hey NYC Founders!

​Come co-work from a private apartment in Queens on Monday from 9am - 5pm, and Happy Hour from 6pm - 8:30pm.

Jackson Heights/Woodside/Elmhurst area is the most diverse neighborhood in the entire world, and you can find all sort of cuisines in the area!

You will need to fill out my Google form prior coming over:

You are welcome to add yourself into my public list:

Given limited capacity, we are prioritizing founders, existing Ecosystem Partners and Venture Partner Community.


This is a small 2 bedroom apartment with an expandable dining table, and a coffee nook. I have space for 7 laptops throughout the apartment, plus a few more for folks who wanna sit on chair and sofa.

I will separated it into 3 sections, let me know if you'll be joining from 9am - 1pm / 1pm - 5pm / 9am - 5pm for co-working.

5:30pm breaking down the dining table and setting up for happy hour at 6pm

6pm onwards happy hour.


​*Where is it located?

​It will be located at a private apartment in Jackson Heights/Elmhurst, Queens, a 10 minute subway ride from Midtown East, right off the Roosevelt Ave/Jackson Height stop on the EF express train. If you taking the 7RM trains, it'll be running local stops. If you are approved for the event, the address will be shared.

​*Should I come alone?

​Yes! The point is to come and connect in a setting of other awesome founders. You can come alone or bring a guest whose also a founder!

​*Why do I have to apply?

​To maintain the integrity of the event, we want to ensure that everyone coming is actually on the founder's journey already (even if they are at the beginning of their journey). If you're just an idea stage, likely it will not be a good fit.

People in attendance will include:

​-Pre-seed founders

​-VC/angel backed founders that have raised funds

-Angel / VC investors

-Tech Executives

​Let's all form more authentic connections, and genuinely bond/build our network of founders helping each other grow.

​*What is provided? Should I bring something?

Tea, popcorn will be provided. You are welcome to bring something to share if you want. Alcohol are welcome during happy hours.