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The Science of Sustainable Investing

Hosted by Copper Leaf Financial
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Join us on Wednesday, May 17th at 12pm for “The Science of Sustainable Investing” as we explore the evidence-driven approach to sustainable investing as it is practiced by Copper Leaf Financial Partner Dimensional Fund Advisors, a leading global investment firm. We will discuss how to combine environmental scientific research and a robust investment philosophy with a goal to deliver meaningful outcomes and a sound investment experience.

Specifically, we will cover:

·       What is ESG and how does it differ from Sustainable investing?

·       What do we know about the economics of climate change?

·       What does climate science and the evolution of greenhouse gas emissions research tell us about the impact on asset pricing and investment choices?

·       Does a growing demand for lower emissions impact expected returns?

·       What key metrics can be used to measure the effectiveness of an approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other factors?

·       What about performance?

For over 15 years Dimensional has worked with scientists and field experts to develop broadly diversified, cost-efficient solutions to help investors pursue a good investment experience while targeting measurable environmental goals and aligning their money with their values.

More about Lacey Huebel

Lacey Huebel is Dimensional’s Head of Responsible Investment, North America, as well as a Senior Portfolio Manager and Vice President. She has been involved with the firm’s social and sustainable fixed income portfolios since their inception and manages a variety of fixed income strategies. Lacey frequently represents Dimensional on ESG matters with clients and at conferences. Previously, she managed fixed income reporting as part of Dimensional's Investment Analytics and Data team.