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(virtual) Your 2021 Word Yin Yoga w/ Crystals

Hosted by MoonRise Self Care
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Join Jenny White in an all levels, pay what you can yin yoga class to create or meditate with your 2021 word.

Have you ever chosen a “word” for your year?  Over the past few years, I began doing this instead of creating resolution. I choose a word that I'm inspired by, and that helps to inspire me for the year and come back to it often.  Sometimes I create a bracelet with my word stamped onto it so that I am reminded of it each time I look at my wrist (a year ago we came together IN PERSON - if you can remember what that feels like - for a beautiful VinYin followed by intention bracelet making), other times it's as simple as a sticky note on my mirror with my word.  I love to come back to my intention throughout the year, it has served me SO well.

Regardless of the HOW - I always think of or honor my word via some sort of thoughtful practice.  And this year, I really want to share it with you.

Please join me for an all levels, pay what you can hour of yin yoga to create of honor your word for 2021.  This hour will be a moving meditation to either ponder or spend time with your word.

If you know what your word is, I suggest bringing your favorite crystal to your mat that symbolizes your word.

Yin yoga is a gentle form of yoga, appropriate for any level, and the ultimate self care. In yin, we hold poses for longer amounts of time to allow gravity to take over, our parasympathetic nervous system to kick in gear, and calm in our mind and body.  It is TRULY the best hour of self care.


- Set up your area in a quiet and dim space. If you love candles, essential oils, crystals, set them up around you.

For this special event, you might consider bringing a journal to your mat to have access to jot down any words or thoughts that come to mind.

- A yoga mat is not necessary, but if you have one, unroll it.  You could even get super comfy by placing a bath mat (this is what I use) or blanket on top of your mat!

- Have several yoga props available...blocks and bolsters if you have them, bed pillows, blankets and towels if you don't.


Pay what you can. This is a donation based class, pay what you are able. 

My family GREATLY appreciates your donations as this is how I make my living, venmo @ jadoreurlife

So excited to practice with you, it will be a treat.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

In light,

Jenny White